Sunday, October 16

What's the Obsession?

-Blog Action Day!

I think the best way of explaining how much food is such a big part of our lives is shown in the movie Over The Hedge. It shows how nearly everything we do is to do with food...

It's funny because it makes you think about how much food is actually a part in your life, whether you like it or not. Food can sometimes control your emotions, e.g. if you get your favourite food you become happier and if you're eating something truly rotten it could put you in a bad mood :( Sometimes people can crave or desire certain foods.
 -chocolate   -ice cream   -crisps   -milkshakes   -chicken rolls (yummm)   etc etc..
Here in Ireland we take food for granted, because there's a shop on every corner full of food, drinks and more sweets than you can imagine. However in some poor countries, food is a luxury, and you'd be lucky to get your hands on some. Think about how much we moan about hunger the class before lunch, just waiting for the bell to go. In these third world countries the hunger would be ten times worse, and the people there are never even guaranteed food. They work very hard to produce most of their own food or else they'd have to travel very far to reach it.
We need to sit up and take action! This can't go unnoticed and we all need to do our part. Many charities such as Trócaire and Concern have had tonnes of support in the past, but there is still an ongoing problem of hunger and poverty around the world, so it's never to late to donate and help the cause.

What to do now? Get Going And Think About What You Can Do To Make A Difference! 

(The next thing you'll probably do when you've finished reading this post is go to the fridge/cupboard to get your favourite snack, just because you've been thinking about food so much lately. Well, Enjoy! )

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